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“Building a Greener Tomorrow: Uniting Minds at the International Conference of Sustainable Construction”

International Conference of Sustainable Construction

About ICSC 2024 :

The building industry is responsible for 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissionsand resource waste, meaning there is big opportunity to decrease its environmental footprint.

 How do we design and build in a changing climate with extreme weather, variable resources, biodiversity loss and social emergencies? What can we abandon or adapt from our past and provide relevant technologies and solutions for a fast-changing world?

Aiming to combat global warming, sustainable construction plays an important role to reduce carbon emissions during the construction phase.

 The International Conference of Sustainable Construction aims to bring together international institutions, companies, researchers, professionals, and students to share knowledge and experiences. They will be related to sustainability in the construction industry during all the life-cycle process: from the design project to the demolition, reuse, and recycling waste, in the global environment and circular economy context. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to support the ecological use of materials, the rational use of energy with renewable systems and energy-efficient buildings, the recycling processes and the management of waste generated in all these activities.

 The International Conference of Sustainable Construction is a key point to have pioneers, practitioners and futurists in an event where sustainable, regenerative innovations and applications will be presented and debated.

Who should attend ?

  1. - Presidents, VPs, directors, heads, and managers in the construction industry.
  2. - Architects, engineers, and other professionals involved in building design and construction.
  3. - Sustainable construction experts.
  4. - Digital construction experts and professionals.
  5. - Academics and researchers in the field of construction and technology.
  6. - Government officials and policy makers involved in infrastructure development.
  7. - Project managers and construction contractors..
  8. - Sustainability and environmental experts.
  9. - Professionals interested in digitalization and innovation in construction.

Why should attend ?

Expand your network of top-level business contacts

Promote your business

Hear from enthusiastic speakers with powerful presentations

Use this exceptional platform for discussions and debates about the industry challenges

Opportunities to meet your commercial objectives and generate actionable leads include:

Targeted networking to generate leads and build new relationships with C-Suite Executives, Vice Presidents and Directors of Sustainability from leading construction companies

Branding or speaking opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership, increase brand exposure and differentiate yourself from your competitors

Exhibition booths to showcase your products and demonstrate to the industry how you can support and streamline their efforts

Educate the key decision-makers on how your solution can improve organizational efficiencies

Call for Papers

Day One

September 13th, 2024

  • Intelligent buildings

    • Integration of renewable energy in buildings and cities.
    • Business development and energy services for sustainable buildings and cities
  • Sustainable building technologies

    • Low energy architectures
    • Energy efficient buildings.
    • Highly efficient insulation.
    • New sustainable building materials and techniques.
    • Passive heating and cooling.
  • Control and optimization of renewable energy systems

    • Sensors and instrumentation technology.
    • Sensors and instrumentation technology.
    • Virtual sensors.
    • Smart monitoring and control using intelligent systems.
    • High efficiency switching systems.
    • Highly efficient voltage conversion systems.
    • New high efficiency distribution systems and low voltage busses.
  • People in intelligent buildings and cities

    • Sustainable behavior and ICT in homes and premises.
    • Sustainable practices in intelligent buildings.
  • Energy and environmental assessment in buildings and cities

    • Life cycle analysis methodologies.
    • Tools and life cycle analysi
    • Triple-bottom-line analysis.
    • Environmental management systems.
    • Environmental impact assessment systems.
    • Environmental Sustainability and Development.
  • BIM Integrated LCA for promoting circular economy towards sustainable construction

    • Green energy strategies for sustainable development
    • Tools and life cycle analysis.
    • How to achieve sustainability through “BIM Integrated LCA”?
    • Challenges and prospects
  • Embodied energy in building materials

    • How to measure embodied energy in building materials?
    • Direct and indirect energy use and carbon emissions in the production phase of buildings: an input-output analysis.
    • Embodied energy and embodied carbon of structural building materials.
    • Measuring embodied carbon dioxide equivalent of buildings: review of current industry practice.

Day Two

September 14th, 2024

  • Green energy, resource, and material for sustainable and resilient development

    • Green energy strategies for sustainable development.
    • Tools and life cycle analysis.
    • What does the impact of non-plastic waste in our oceans mean for the environment?
    • Sustainable outdoor designs using recycled materials.
    • On which buildings could green roofs be installed?
    • How do we develop resilient infrastructure?
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) for Smart city, intelligent building, and smart infrastructure

    • What is ICT infrastructure for smart city?
    • Digital systems in smart city and infrastructure: Digital as a service.
    • Who is responsible for smart cities & critical infrastructures?
    • Information communication technology (ICT), smart urbanization, and environmental quality: evidence from a panel of developing and developed economies.
  • Sustainable Buildings and structures

    • Green buildings and indoor air quality.
    • Green design: sustainable landscaping and garden design.
    • Green design parameters in high-rise buildings in hot-humid climate.
    • Efficient and optimization designs.
    • Nearly zero energy buildings.
  • Environmental sustainable construction

    • The importance of environmental sustainability in construction.
    • How to improve environmental sustainability in the construction industry?
    • Sustainable building materials for a greener future.
    • Environmental sustainability of plastics in construction.
    • Renewable and recyclable materials.
    • Reducing on-site waste.
  • Social sustainable construction

    • Social sustainability considerations in construction projects.
    • Improving socially sustainable design and construction in developing countries.
    • Assessment of social sustainability in construction projects using social network analysis.
    • Social sustainability assessment framework for managing sustainable construction in residential buildings.
    • Social sustainability considerations during planning and design: a framework of processes for construction projects.
  • Economic sustainable construction

    • Economic challenge of sustainable construction.
    • Can the building and construction sector transform the world?
    • Assessment of economic sustainability in the construction sector.
    • The impact of new urbanization construction on sustainable economic growth of resource-based cities.


Participants should take note of the following dates and ensure that all due dates are met,


July 15th, 2024

Main Conference

Septemer 13th-14th, 2024

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Guidelines and Information: A Comprehensive Overview


If you have any questions during the submission process, please send an email to: contact@eai-construction.com

Only original papers will be considered. Papers should not be previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere and should not be under review by any other conference or publication during the review cycle.

Authors are encouraged to check the similarity index of their paper before submission. Papers suspect of plagiarism, self-plagiarism, repeated publication etc. will be rejected without further consideration.


Conference presented and registered full paper will be included in digital conference proceeding, and submitted to major citation databases like : Ei Compendex, SCOPUS, Google Scholar , Researchrgate, Sciencedirect, SementicScholar, Jstor etc. for reviewing and indexing.

Excellent papers with significant extension will be recommended to be submitted for publication in Journal “Buildings” which will send to be reviewed and indexed by major citation databases such as SCIE and Scopus.


Application to join the committee are invited from academics and practitioners researching or working in the field. If you would like to be considered as a member of a conference committee or as a reviewer for submitted papers, please send your CV to conference email: contact@eai-construction.com

Participants may register to attend the Conference with or without a research paper.

buildings with research paper:

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Participants registering as IEEE must send a copy of their membership card to contact@eai- construction.com

Conference Fees for participants with research paper


$ 500
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Lunches and coffee breaks


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Publication in the most well-known international journals.
Access to all Conference sessions (keynote, workshops, special sessions, tutorials)
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$ 400
Publication in the most well-known international journals.
Access to all Conference sessions (keynote, workshops, special sessions, tutorials)
Printed Conference program
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Conference Fees for participants without publication


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Access to all Conference sessions (keynote, workshops, special sessions, tutorials)
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