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Immerse yourself in the flagship event of the year dedicated to the advancement of decarbonization in construction, embodying innovation and sustainable progress. The Advancing Construction Decarbonization Conference 🚧🌱 positions itself as a leading gathering, bringing together renowned experts 👷‍♂️👩‍🔬, innovative concepts 💡, and the latest eco-responsible solutions ♻️ in the construction industry.

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Advancing Construction Decarbonization Conference


The clock is ticking to minimize greenhouse gases. With buildings producing 39% of CO2 emissions globally (28% in operational emissions and 11% in building materials and construction), customers, investors and regulatory professionals are now demanding construction firms rethink their approach to sustainability.

The building industry causes 14 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions every year, according to the report, which is called “Net-zero buildings: where do we stand?”. Reducing carbon emissions in buildings is very important to achieve the climate goals and net zero emissions.

Developing buildings’ sustainability is not easy: from reducing
embodied carbon in materials, electrifying fleet, and decreasing
onsite waste, to establishing a decarbonization strategy,
and tracking and reporting sustainability initiatives.

The Advancing Construction Decarbonization conference will gather over 100 Sustainability and Project Leaders from contracting firms across Morocco to solve and advance these carbon reduction improvements.

Make sure you join us to join us in this amazing journey to being a leader in the race to decarbonize.

Who should attend ?

Why should attend ?

Expand your network of top-level business contacts

Promote your business

Hear from enthusiastic speakers with powerful presentations

Use this exceptional platform for discussions and debates about the industry challenges

Opportunities to meet your commercial objectives and generate actionable leads include:

Targeted networking to generate leads and build new relationships with C-Suite Executives, Vice Presidents and Directors of Sustainability from leading construction companies

Branding or speaking opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership, increase brand exposure and differentiate yourself from your competitors

Exhibition booths to showcase your products and demonstrate to the industry how you can support and streamline their efforts

Educate the key decision-makers on how your solution can improve organizational efficiencies

Our Speakers

Oumaima El Idrissi

Municipal Councillor and Sustainable Urban Development professional

an elected member of the municipal council of Casablanca and Vice-President of the Anfa District. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Brighton and a Master’s degree in International Politics from SOAS, University of London. I worked in sustainable finance at HSBC Bank in New York, and I am currently a Sustainability Manager at EGCE, where I promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility. I advocate for a smart and sustainable city, as well as greater youth involvement in politics and society.

Ait elabbasse Fatima Ezzahra

Engineer and specialized consultant in energy and environment

Ait elabbasse Fatima Ezzahra, an engineer and specialized consultant in energy and the environment, practices her skills within Africa Climate Solutions. She plays a central role in projects focused on sustainable development principles. Her expertise encompasses circular economy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable water management. Fatima Ezzahra is committed to researching innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change and sustainable development. Her dedication, technical skills, and multidisciplinary approach make her an invaluable resource for promoting sustainable practices.

Salmane Nouari

dynamic Energy Systems Engineer

Salmane Nouari , I am an ambitious Research Architect and an alumnus of Cyprus International University (CIU), where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Healthy & Sustainable Buildings at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (THD) in Germany.
Parallelly, I am engaged in a research internship with the School of Architecture, Planning & Design at UM6P in Morocco. My current research endeavors include an in-depth analysis and development of earth-based, sustainable insulation materials.

Hiba Rizk

Senior Program Specialist, EBRD

Hiba Rizk is specialized in circular economy and decarbonisation working with the private sector, international financial institutions and development agencies. She is a strategic thinker looking to create impact on all her projects.  She successfully led projects in circular economy, renewable energy, environmental impact, energy efficiency, and waste management for clients such as IFC, UNEP, GIZ, OCP, and EBRD.  She graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, obtained her PMP certification in June 2012 from the Project Management Institute, and  holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. Hiba is now a Senior Program Specialist in EBRD working to support SMEs in their green transition.

Abdelghafour Zaabout

coordinating CCUS research efforts

Prof. Abdelghafour Zaabout is coordinating CCUS research efforts at University Mohammed 6 Polytechnic, bringing with him over a decade of deep experience, from Norway and the Netherlands, in developing, upscaling, and commercialization of CCUS technologies.  His activities covered various low-carbon technologies. Prof. Zaabout co-authored nearly 60 peer-reviewed journal papers & several patents. He participated as a panelist at key events (e.g., COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh in a UN official session on CCUS for Africa, CCUS Forum in Qatar), and he chaired key sessions in several international conferences (e.g., GHGT 16).

Youssef Benmoussa

building energy efficiency consultant at Leyton Morocco.

Youssef Benmoussa earned a Master’s in sustainable energy management from Al Akhawayn University in 2023, following his 2020 bachelor’s degree in energy physics and thermal sciences from Hassan II University. His research interests span renewable energy systems, energy-efficient buildings, and engineering physics. He’s published papers on renewable desalination and daytime radiative cooling, and he’s a strong advocate for green hydrogen and sustainable energy practices. His mission is to decarbonize the building sector through sustainability initiatives.

soufiane chait

Soufiane Chait

Junior Expert in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

A Junior Expert in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability, he boasts a comprehensive skill set that encompasses innovative solutions for energy-efficient building practices, as well as expertise in renewable energies. Holding a master’s degree in water, Energy, and Environment Sciences and currently pursuing a Ph.D. at The Mohammadia School of Engineers, he possesses extensive knowledge across diverse areas. His professional pursuits predominantly involve conducting thorough energy audits for various buildings and industries, with a notable focus on the integration of renewable energy technologies like solar and wind power systems. Additionally, he is recognized as an expert in positive and low-carbon buildings.

Abdelilah Moussafi

dynamic Energy Systems Engineer

Abdelilah Moussafi is a dynamic Energy Systems Engineer with a profound commitment to revolutionizing the construction/buildings industry. Holding a State Engineer Diploma from the National School of Arts and Crafts at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Abdelilah Moussafi is driven by a passion for environmental sustainability.

cherrat noaman

Noaman Cherrat

Sr Staff Engineer Maintenance , Projects and kilns .

Cherrat Noaman ,followed studies in University of Technology in Baghdad Iraq and graduated from Mechanical engineering department in 2002. started to work in 2003 in ceramic industry as Maintenance responsible , then project engineer . In 2012 I joined Kohler company ( Jacob Delafon Maroc ) as senior project engineer , promoted to engineering manager by time and then to technical manager , leading maintenance , engineering , kilns and energy departments . I was certified PMP from PMI in 2018 and still holding it , and certified PROSCI ADKAR change practitioner in 2020 from PROSCI PARIS . Actually preparing my capstone project in MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan university . Started to work on energy efficiency and decarbonization and carbon foot print , a field that I’m really passion with and continue to learn and apply every day .

Mamoun Kadiri Hassani

Architect Engineer

Mamoun Kadiri Hassani is an architect graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine, Habilité à la Maîtrise d’Œuvre en son Nom Propre (HMONP) since 2020. His office is located in Beni Mellal, Morocco. He proposes an architectural design based on the search for comfort, favouring the use of local and natural materials. His approach begins with the observation of available resources and implementation techniques. Since 2020, he has conceived and developed a Compressed Earth Block production line in Beni Mellal. He advocates for the use of natural local building materials and techniques, as an alternative to an extremely fossil energy dependent system in the building sector in Morocco.


Expert International en Stratégie, Sustainability et Innovation

Mohammed EL KETTANI is particularly dedicated to issues related to sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation. He is a graduate of the National School of Bridges and Roads. He places great importance on the futuristic sectors that will shape the economy of the future. Within large consulting firms and multinational corporations, he has assisted prestigious clients with significant, complex, and transformative projects, leveraging his expertise to benefit both public and private entities seeking to enhance their performance.


Consultant specialized in the fields of climate change.

Boble-wendĂ©, a consultant specializing in climate change, graduating in environmental and water engineering from École Nationale des Sciences AppliquĂ©es d’Al-Hoceima, is committed to fostering a sustainable future. With experience from projects at the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Green Climate Fund, UNDP, French Development Agency, 4C Morocco, and other public and private entities in Africa, he has honed expertise in renewable energy, building, transport, and the carbon market. He offers strategic advice and innovative solutions in these sectors, leveraging his technical and analytical skills to devise effective action plans and provide technical assistance.

Abderrahmane AZZIZ

Head of the Safety, Security and Environment department within the ANP, Port of Tangier.

Abderrahmane Azziz, 34 years old, currently serves as the Head of Safety, Security, and Environment at the National Ports Agency, Regional Directorate of the Strait, Port of Tangier. He has held various leadership roles at the National Ports Agency, accumulating 10 years of experience in the port sector.

In 2012, Abderrahmane earned a degree as a Long Course Navigation Lieutenant, which led to a two-year stint in maritime navigation and international maritime transport. In 2022, he obtained a Master’s degree in Coastal Science from the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of Tangier. Presently, he is a research student at the same institution, working towards a doctorate in port management.

Programme DETAILS

Case 1 : How can construction seize the decarbonization?
  • Decarbonizing construction: building a low-carbon future.
  • How can we reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint?
  • What are the benefits of building decarbonization?
Case 2 : Does the built environment need to decarbonize embodied emission?
  • How can we decarbonize the built environment?
  • Does decarbonization entail building retrofits and new construction?
  • How much carbon dioxide does the built environment emit?
Case 3 : Accelerating green growth in built environment
  • Accelerating green growth in built environment
  • What is strategy 2025 – accelerating green growth?
  • Are new sustainable buildings a big investment opportunity in emerging markets?
  • How can decision-makers accelerate the building sector’s sustainability transformation?
Case 1 : How do you make sustainability a strategic priority?
  • Decarbonizing construction: building a low-carbon future.
  • How can we reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint?
  • What are the benefits of building decarbonization?
Case 2 : Does the built environment need to decarbonize embodied emission?
  • How do you make sustainability a strategic priority?
  • Organizing for sustainability success: where, and how, leaders can start
  • Design according to sustainability topic, not sustainability overall
  • Find the structure that best fits your sustainability agenda
Case 3 : Why do project managers need a buy-in?
  • How to secure 360 stakeholder buy-in and sustain it?
  • How to win buy-in from senior stakeholders?
Case 1 : What materials can be used to produce low-carbon products?
  • Why do we need low-carbon materials?
  • What metals are used in low-carbon technology
  • Use of recycled aggregates for low-carbon and cost-effective concrete construction
Case 2 : Carbon sink and low-carbon building materials
  • CO2 fixation in building materials
  • Non-Portland cement systems
  • Green and sustainable concrete pavements
  • Green additive manufacturing of advanced materials
Case 1 : Tackling energy transition objectives in challenging: the path ahead is brand new, and the strategy implemented now will contribute to determining the future success of major producers in both regional and global markets.
  • Come out on top of the energy transition through a focused expansion of your renewable’s portfolio balanced with a holistic restructuring of your business.
  • Recognize that targeted investment alone is not enough to secure success as you work to embed sustainability into corporate values and business practices at all levels, from workforce development to initiatives which aim to protect local ecosystem integrity and promote biodiversity.
  • Understand what an all-encompassing sustainability strategy takes, and how national energy companies can take control of transition narratives to become drivers of change and backbones supporting growth of local communities.
Case 1 : Material wastes and management strategies in the building construction sites
  • Efficient waste storing
  • Recyclable waste for other purposes.
  • Construction wate information management system for waste exchange
Case 2 : How can waste management reduce environmental impacts?
  • Waste management strategies for sustainable development
  • How does the construction industry reduce waste?
Case 3 : Waste management and Operational Energy for sustainable buildings
  • Source reduction/ reducing materials use
  • Salvaging and reusing C&D materials
  • Recycling C& D materials
  • Rebuying C& D materials
Case 1 : Incorporate unique renewables potential into a balanced and smooth transition strategy
  • Decarbonization to achieve net-zero
  • Renewable energy opportunities
  • Reducing risk and meeting peak demand
Case 2 : How can waste management reduce environmental impacts?
  • Waste management strategies for sustainable development
  • How does the construction industry reduce waste?
Case 3 : Disruptive Thinking to Deliver Innovation
  • Understanding how traditional approaches in construction continue to hinder the
    construction industry from accelerating innovation
  • Discovering how Pepper Construction is strategically leveraging disruptive thinking in the planning, design, and construction phases of their project delivery as they expand to new sectors
  • Gaining valuable insights into implementing emerging technologies, data, and creativity to drive efficiency while increasing performance throughout project delivery lifecycles
  • Challenging the status quo, identifying uncommon resources, and embracing disruptive thinking in the ever-evolving world of data center construction
Case 4 :Effectively Managing Change to Improve the Integration of Workflows & Standardization of Processes
  • Mapping the process change of introducing a new tool to understand the extent of disruption it will have company-wide
  • Engaging end-users in this process to ensure new processes are fully documented and quality of data is maintained
  • Developing a robust knowledge management and employee engagement program to support change management at all levels

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